Month: January 2017

Grey tulle wedding dress? Wedding Gowns with color

Grey wedding dress

Would you wear a grey wedding dress? Color has been so popular in the wedding dresses we sell today. Gone are the traditional days where the Bride has to wear white. So just how far can a wedding dress go on the color wheel?

Wedding dress trends have been primarily set in the Ivory tones but have merged into light golds, nudes, champagnes and now blush and pink tones. So what is this I heard about….grey wedding dress? It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but when I did a little research I found the grey wedding dress trend is absolutely stunning (if done right).

So how do you pull off color in your wedding dress? The first thing is you have to keep it simple. Even though wedding gowns with color are all the rage right now, it can’t be too crazy or over the top. Try matching a blueish grey tulle skirt with a sophisticated and trendy lace top. Two piece gowns provide a great way for you to mix and match and create a wedding dress that is unique to you. And you can totally rock that top again with cute shoes and skinny jeans for your anniversary…talk about a Savvy Bride.

We have even seen Brides wear plaid shirts with tulle skirts…totally unique to themselves and their wedding. It is picture perfect all the way.

For more ideas on how you can incorporate blue or grey hues in your wedding gown, check out this link.

So be bold! Don’t fall into the old traditional wedding dress molds…wedding dresses with color allow your personality to shine.

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January 16, 2017

The Perfect Boho Bride – effortless

Bohemian Bride

The Bohemian Bride has quickly become a mainstay in the wedding industry and I must say, I love it!

Gone are the days that we only see two types of Brides in our Bridal Boutiques; traditional and edgy. Each and every day we are blessed with Bohemian Brides that don’t want to fit into the old traditional molds. Women today are strong, confident, savvy and full of personality and they want to shine on their wedding day.

So what is a Bohemian Bride? She is a beautiful woman with an inner peace and spirit that radiates from within. The boho bride wants a wedding that is natural, peaceful, down to earth, effortless and ethereal but can still have a level of glamour with chandeliers hanging from the trees. DIY and make your wedding your own!

Picture this, a simple wedding dress made with chiffon or tulle, some lace or a lot of lace, rustic venues or weddings on beautiful and surreal beaches. Flowers in your hair, a full flower crown or a delicate braid. Whatever you choose, keep it simple, natural and full of love.

What makes you a Boho Bride, is you! Forget the stuffy old weddings where everything has to be perfect, mix & match your decor, do it outside under the trees or say I do in the sand.

Savvy in nature the Boho Bride will stay within budget and may even choose to pay it forward and sell her dress online at a huge savings. When this happens both Brides win! The Bride selling her dress can recoup some money she spent and regain her closet space and the new Bride gets a beautiful wedding dress while saving a ton of money. So have the perfect wedding and then sell your dress online at

Whatever you decide…don’t forget the flower crown 🙂

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January 15, 2017

Buy & Sell new, sample and used wedding dresses

Beautiful Bride in field.

Sell My Dress provides an easy way to Buy & Sell used wedding dresses. Are you not the sentimental type? Can’t believe you spent so much money on your wedding and dress? Is your wedding dress taking up too much space in your closet? Why not sell your preowned wedding dress to another beautiful Bride? Savvy Brides all over the world are selling their gently used wedding dresses on to recoup some money and regain control of their closet space. So if you are in the market to buy & sell your used wedding dress, provides the best place to do so. Other marketplace websites that sell used wedding dresses online have close to 20,000 dresses listed on their site. Your gown will get lost in the sea of dresses. So sell your used wedding dresses with to be visible to thousands of Brides everyday.

Buying used Wedding Dress online

Buying a preowned wedding dress online can save you tons of money. If you have champagne dreams on a beer budget then buying a used wedding dress on is the right way to go. Most used wedding dresses sold online will provide a savings of 50% off the retail price but some Brides just want to get rid of it so they may offer larger discounts. So if you are one of those Savvy Brides that is always looking for a deal, shop for your wedding dress on Here are some tips to finding the perfect dress and the perfect price: Make sure to ask questions about each wedding dress such as describe any alterations that have been done, ask for pictures of the inside of the dress (to see if it dirty), ask them to explain in detail any damage or flaws that are present on the dress….and of course ask if they can go down in price. It never hurts to ask 🙂

January 15, 2017