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What to do with your Wedding Dress after the Wedding – Sell Wedding Dress Online

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Wow! After spending so much time planning your wedding, shopping for the perfect wedding dress and stressing about the little details…it was gone in a flash. The ceremony was a blur and the reception seemed like in was in fast motion, we know all of it is a whirlwind and goes by so fast but now your left with the BIG question: What do you do with your Wedding Dress after the Wedding?

SMD knows that many Brides have a strong attachment to their wedding dress and want to keep it forever. Maybe you will want your Daughter to wear it. Or maybe you just want to save your wedding dress to look at from time to time.

If you haven’t decided what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding, we have a few creative ideas:

Wedding Dress Preservation

There is always the tried and true preservation of your wedding dress. A place I have trusted for many years while I worked in the bridal industry is Wedding Gown Preservation Company. You can call a lovely Boutique called CC’s Bridal Boutique @ 813-877-2410 they usually have the kits on hand. Or visit

Sexy Lingerie from wedding dress fabric

Super creative idea is to use the fabric from your wedding dress to create lingerie.

This will work best if your wedding dress was lace.

Re-purpose wedding dress

Make sexy lingerie from your wedding dress

Save your wedding dress for your Daughter

Keep it for your Daughter or other family member to wear. Just make sure to preserve it so that the fabric,

lace and beadwork are all protected from discoloration.

Save your gown for your daughter

Trash your dress

This was a popular idea a few years ago where Brides would do a photo shoot after the wedding wearing their dress and doing something fun or crazy…like bungy jumping, swimming in the ocean, paint balling. This is a wonderful way to express your personality and have fun in your wedding dress in a less formal and stressful environment. Be fun, be unique wear your dress again and get more fabulous pictures to remember your precious love story.

Trash your wedding dress

Dream Big, enjoy your wedding dress on more than one day!

One of the best ideas if you are not emotionally attached is give your dress new life. Share her with another Bride. There are thousands of Brides that would love a beautiful wedding dress but just can’t afford retail. You can sell your used wedding dress and make someone’s dreams come true! You win because you get cash and she wins because she gets to buy your used wedding dress for a fraction of the price. Sell your used wedding dress on $25.00 will list your wedding dress for a full year, take it down anytime if you change your mind. But what a beautiful thing for you to do…you loved your wedding dress, sell your wedding dress online today for another Bride to Love!!

Buy or Sell used wedding dresses

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February 25, 2017