Month: August 2017

Find your dream wedding dress 2nd hand

Your big day is approaching and you are dreaming of the perfect wedding dress but realistically you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it…right? We know! We have all been there. Millennials are savvy shoppers and always looking for ways to be smart about their purchases, so just how do you save money on your wedding dress?

Wedding dresses can range in price from $99.00 to over $30,000. A lot, we know…prices can be so over the top when it comes to wedding dresses so if you are a super fashionable Bride wanting the newest and trendiest styles you could drop a large amount of money to get her.  Here are some ideas on how to find your dream wedding dress at a fraction of the retail price.

Savvy Shopper tip 1 – Shop Bridal Gown Sample Sales for amazing deals on their store samples. For example: You can save up to 85% off at CC’s Bridal Boutique Semi Annual Sample Sale held in June and November in the good old Sunshine State. Visit for more details.

Savvy Shopper tip 2 – If you love a wedding dress at a retail store and it is not part of a sample sale, ask for a discount. Bridal shops don’t always volunteer to discount their gowns but who knows….if you ask they may just say Yes! But don’t look for a huge discount. Bridal gown designers only allow retail stores to discount 10% and a few don’t allow any discounts, so if the store agrees be appreciative and buy her that day.

Sell your wedding dress today!

Savvy Shopper tip 3 – If you are not the sentimental type that needs to hold on to things for memories sake, then you should purchase your dream wedding dress 2nd hand. There are thousands and thousands of Brides that wore their wedding dress for 5 hours or so, and now want to get back some of the money they spent. So who wins? You do! You can get that new design, trendy wedding dress at a fraction of the retail price. Many times you can purchase a second hand wedding dress at 50% off!! Super savings! And as a bonus, you can turn around and pay it forward! Sell the wedding dress again to another Bride which will allow you to recoup some money 🙂 Check out it is a great Marketplace website that connects Brides buying and Selling wedding dresses. They charge a small fee to list the dress, but the listing is good for a year and their fee is less than other websites.

Check back soon for more tips on how to find your dream wedding gown 2nd hand

August 27, 2017

Alfred Angelo Closes Stores

Alfred Angelo closes

Alfred Angelo began making dreams come true for Brides in 1933…. a lifetime of wedding memories.

Thousands of Brides trusted Alfred Angelo over 80+ years. We were all shocked when the news broke that they were filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy but what I think was the most shocking was that ALL stores were closed immediately. Employees lost their jobs, orders are not being fulfilled and everyone was lost! What do we do….where do we go from here….

Alfred Angelo closes

So what happened to Alfred Angelo? No one on the outside knows for sure but I can tell you this, Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn’t happen in 1 day.

The company was founded by Alfred Angelo and his wife Edythe Piccione in the mid-1930s in Philadelphia. Edythe designed the dresses and Alfred’s focus was on ensuring quality manufacturing and business development. In the 1980s, the Piccione children, Vincent and Michele Piccione, began managing the company and did so for the next 35 years. A family owned business from the very beginning, Alfred Angelo was one of the top Bridal Retailers.

What happens to cause a successful bridal business to close their doors? After all they had 60 Alfred Angelo Retail stores and 1400 plus independent retailers that carried their products. Sounds like the American dream right?

The Bridal industry has been evolving over the past 7 years. With the introduction of our insane addiction to social media and our societies extreme obsession of selfies we have created a monster. Our consumers in the retail industry are demanding more and more. Gone are the days that shoppers go to one store and find what they want, buy it and go home happy.

Today’s Bride is no exception. She wants to be pampered, she wants to be the center of attention, she wants to shop and shop and shop and see every dress on the market. T.V. Shows like Say Yes to the Dress have made it acceptable for Brides to be princess’s and expect extreme amounts of primping, pampering, doding on and fawning all over her. This has left the big box retailers at the back of the line.

Bridal stores like Davids Bridal and Alfred Angelo grew fast and provided an affordable wedding dress solution. They were able to make great contacts in China to produce cheap wedding dresses. I guess you could say the perfected the art of turnstile bridal shop. The goal: get as many brides in the door as possible, push them to buy a cheaply made wedding dress and go home. There was never any focus on employee training, no customer service provided and most of the time the Bridal consultants were forced to work with 3-5 brides at a time….brides were just a number.

With the millennial brides needing more pampering the Davids Bridal and Alfred Angelo business model didn’t fit. Brides today want the “Boutique Experience”. They want a Bridal Stylist that is trained professionally. They want a boutique that is going to make them the center of attention, serve champagne and offer multiple different designers in one boutique.

The art of shopping for a wedding dress has become less about going to the Bridal Walmart and just “getting a dress”. It has become a marriage before the marriage. Our Brides today want to court and research their wedding dress choices, they want to feel warm and fuzzy in the boutique so if you do not provide this you too are going to close.

Will David’s Bridal be next to close? Rumors are already circulating that they too are on the verge of bankruptcy….so shop local…find a local Bridal boutique, read the reviews and make sure you LOVE the feeling inside the boutique. The ambiance, the exuberance that the staff exudes should explain some of how the company is doing. If the company is struggling trust me there are signs.

Today Alfred Angelo released their final statement, well the Trustee released a statement. The unfortunate thing is that they will not be fulfilling orders. I personally think that the Piccione family has been guided by their legal team and is personally heartbroken by this end to their dynasty. Chapter 7 unfortunately means doors close and ALL property is seized so the bank can try to recoup the money they have lost. Luckily local boutiques such as CC’s Bridal Boutique in Tampa & St Petersburg, Florida have stepped up and are offering 25% off special orders.

Our beloved bridal retail industry will survive!

Maybe the big box retailers won’t but local bridal boutiques specializing in one-on-one service will!


August 5, 2017