Month: October 2017

Unplugged Wedding? Should You?


Today’s society is far too plugged in….phones, IPad, laptop, earbuds, camera or whatever is your tech obsession. So it is ok to have an “Unplugged Wedding”?

Being in the wedding industry and seeing our Brides photos and hearing their stories makes me wonder why more and more couples are not on this kick yet. We see so many pictures of weddings that were ruined by being filled with cell phone “photographers”. I mean come on….let the Bride and Groom have their moment, stop trying to get the best photo, after all you are there to hear their love story, share in their memories and be witness to the future they are embarking on.

Anna Delores photograhpy

Cell phones ruining weddings? Unplugged Wedding

So, Dude! Turn off your phone or better yet, leave it in the car…I mean can you go without taking a selfie for 5 hours? Wouldn’t you be mortified if you were “that guest” that got a phone call while the Bride and Groom were sharing their vows (and it was on ring not vibrate). Yikes!! I would die!!

Unplug your Wedding? Sounding like a good idea?


Here’s is our idea on how to politely invite your guests to leave their phones etc in the car. Include a short notation on your invitations that you are having an unplugged wedding, much like a wedding that is “adult only” people should know up front.

Have a cute and romantic sign somewhere near the entrance that reminds your guests to turn off their phones or leave them in the car.

Provide disposable cameras at each table during the reception. This will allow them to satisfy their need for Selfies and to be the photographer “extraordinaire” but won’t allow for noisy and intrusive cell phone calls to interupt your ceremony.

Have your Officiant mention up front to please put away cameras, phones etc and just enjoy the moment, share the love and emotions….you can’t feel any of that behind the screen of a IPad or Cell Phone.

After all, the day is about the LOVE, the Marriage…not getting the best shot!



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October 22, 2017