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Brides dressed to Kill in pants

Wedding pants suit

Everything we know about weddings starts with the fairytale idea of a beautiful bride floating on air in a gorgeous wedding dress. As little girls our visions include Brides draped in flowing tulle veils, wearing stunning ballgowns made with luxurious fabrics with delicate beaded details, makeup and hair flawless and just killing it.

Fast forward to 2017 and the wedding dress isn’t the only option. We are seeing Brides of all backgrounds dropping the tradition of wearing a formal wedding dress and opting for a dramatic, sophisticated and stylish ivory or white pant suit. I love this idea!

I first stumbled on this idea while dreaming of the day I would marry my husband. We knew we weren’t going to do a formal big ceremony and reception (why waste $30k, we could save that for our retirement). We wanted small, just the two of us and probably would do it at the local court house. So I googled (my favorite search engine, because Yes! Google knows everything!) lace pants and found this fashion forward lace jumpsuit by J. Crew. I was hooked!

J Crew Wedding Jumpsuit

Since then I have seen more and more Brides forgo the fuss of the wedding dress. Skipping all the drama that surrounds shopping for a wedding dress, not to mention the prices that wedding gowns cost.

Brides wearing pants…is it for you?

Today there are many options. Modern day Brides want to do one thing, be unique and themselves. We are seeing people getting married later in life or getting married for the 2nd and 3rd time. So the fluff and tradition of the wedding gown may not be for them. And we are all for it! Skip the walk down the aisle in flowing tulle and opt for a more modern, sleek, sexy and sophisticated wedding pant suit. Whether you are an older bride, or young, straight or gay there are many options other than a dress.

Kendra White Lace Jumpsuit

At our local bridal boutique we are honored to work with many brides marrying their true life partner and yes! many times it is another woman. So what do they wear? Do both Brides wear wedding dresses? The answer is…it is different for each couple. Some have chosen to both shop at our boutique, both select beautiful free spirited and effortless boho inspired wedding dresses. Another couple chose a traditional wedding gown and a more modern fitted lace silhouette and then we have had others that one wears a simple lace wedding dress that is totally romantic and the spouse wore a grey suit. Whatever your flavor rock it with style!

Me personally I LOVEEEE the sleek and sophisticated Ivory Pant or Jumpsuit. Hmmm maybe I can convince my husband do renew our vows so I can wear one…stay tuned…I will let you know if I convince him 🙂

So, go ahead…Be a rebel! Set your own trends and be uniquely you!



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November 23, 2017

Color Trends for Weddings

Growing up my favorite color was green. I know, sounds crazy huh? Not many people like the color of green and I would like to say that I had an exciting reason for liking Green like because it is the color of money or because I am a nature lover, but the truth is as a young lady I just wanted to be different so I chose a color that wasn’t as popular with other people. LOL I know….

Now that I am grown up (or maybe growing up) and experiencing the world I find myself still drawn to the color green (although my favorite color now may be pink). Over the past 12 years I have gotten closer to God and seeing things as simple as the wind blowing in the trees and the rain falling from the skies gives me a sense of joy and excitement. I have always been simple and down to earth so connecting with all God’s creations is easy for me but joining the wedding industry twelve years ago was an eye opener.


So many people obsess about every minor detail. They are dramatic and over-the-top. Thinking only about themselves and how others see them….forgetting about the big picture; loving God, your neighbor and our earth.

Wedding budgets are out of control and a lot of it is spent on flowers. Yes! Flowers….these stunning organic beauties are super expensive when you connect them with a wedding or holiday. I mean, come on….who decided that a dozen red roses are $9.99 on any random day but put a name like Valentines Day or Mothers Day on the calendar and the price jumps to $50 per dozen or even $75. It is just ridiculous!

So, I am excited to see that many Brides and Grooms are choosing to go green with their weddings, skipping the floral explosion of color. Many times we forget that all things that God created are beautiful. We don’t have to always get the most expensive or newest item. Lush green garland, simple baby’s breathe, or delicate succulents can create a magical and memorable wedding for you and your guests.

After all isn’t the wedding about the sharing of your Vows? The joining of two people into one? Not how much did you spend on the dress, the flowers, the venue but do you truly love each other and can your journey through life sustain today’s negativity and drama.

So go ahead, choose a venue that has beautiful decor from the earth. Decorate it with simple yet gorgeous accents of greenery and enjoy the true beauty of Love.


November 19, 2017

Spring 2018 Wedding Trends

My oh my….something so unique and effortless has dropped onto the wedding industry and I can’t stop dreaming about them…..Wilderly Bride by Allure. If you haven’t seen them or heard about them yet you have got to get on board this train…

Ivory and Lace Bridal Tampa

Wilderly Bride – Willow

During a visit to the Atlanta Bridal Market in August I walked into the Allure Bridal Showroom and was knocked off my feet….they had set up a beautiful display of ethereal, boho-chic, effortless wedding gowns surrounded by a magical and stunning ad campaign.

I never imagined that the company that has always been stuck to their roots of more tried and true traditional wedding gown elements would create and introduce the most amazing bohemian inspired wedding dress collection, Wilderly Bride…but they did!!! And I couldn’t be more excited!

These gowns are lightweight, offer minimal structure and have the most delicate and intricate laces. Some are perfectly accented with delightful fluttery sleeves, or a daring low back but each and every gown screams of their own unique personality. I can’t even decide which one is my favorite.

Ivory and Lace Bridal Tampa

Dreamy and effortless. Romantic wedding dress

If you are a true boho bride then the Wilderly Bride collection is a must see for you. The Wilderly wedding dress collection will be available at our partner, Ivory and Lace Bridal in Tampa in early January. These gowns are so pretty and we can’t wait for you to see them, try them on and fall in love with them like we have.

Wilderly Bride is perfect for any type of wedding. See more of the collection now – Wilderly Bride

P.S. Willow is my favorite 🙂 but Rose….she steals my heart too

Available in Tampa in early January 2018 at Ivory and Lace (a division of CC’s Bridal Boutique)

November 15, 2017

Wedding Emergency Kit

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and while we all hope it is perfect you should probably prepare just in case it isn’t. Here are a few ideas to keep you on track and free from stress.

Having a Wedding Day Timeline is essential. This guide should have a list of things that need to be done and an order of what should be done and when. This will not only help eliminate stress for the Bride but give your Bridesmaids a list of things that they can help with. The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is to be answering a thousands questions and having to give orders about what to do. Just make a list and have it visible for everyone….then let them assist in getting everything done.

Now that timeline will help tremendously but what happens if God forbid, you get a stain on your dress while you are getting dressed? Or someone gets a huge blister because of their new shoes? Prepare in advance and have an emergency kit on hand.

You can DIY your Wedding Emergency Kit, it’s easy. Add your personal style by putting it into a cute mason jar (like seen on the Elena of ‘A Cassarella ) or a cute rustic box (find them at Michaels).

Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit should include:

  • Tide-to-go 
  • Rubbing alcohol (believe it or not this can get most small spots of wedding dresses)
  • Baby power (this can help absorb makeup from wedding dresses, but tip it takes some time)
  • Bobby pings
  • Band-aids
  • Clear Nail polish
  • Tweezers (you might have a rogue hair somewhere)
  • Tissues
  • Safety pins (what if someones zipper breaks or strap)
  • Needle and thread (for minor tweaks if needed)
  • Fashion Tape (you can get this at Target)
  • Aspirin (maybe allergy pills too, you never know what kind of perfumes will be around)

Not a DIYer? You can also buy pre-made Wedding Day Emergency Kits at Pinch Provisions or even Amazon

Hoping for a picture perfect wedding day for you all!

November 15, 2017

Featured Wedding: Eco-Friendly Florida Wedding

It is our pleasure to spend our days working with some of the best vendors in the wedding industry. The best of the best can truly be found in Florida so we are pleased to share some of our favorite Featured Weddings.

This lovely Eco-Friendly Florida Wedding has been featured on Swooned Magazine and Aisle Society, two of our favorite blogs.

The journey for us began when Krista came into local affiliate bridal shop, CC’s Bridal Boutique in September 2016. She had a definite idea of what type of bridal gown she wanted to wear so our job was just to find her the right gown with all the delicate details she was dreaming of. The story of Krista and Joe was not quite as easy. After meeting on the job at a clothing boutique in Tampa Joe was immediately mesmerized by Krista’s beautiful smile and spirit. Krista was impressed too because Joe had such a kind heart, and his fluency in Spanish excited her.

So did they hit it off right away and start the fairytale life? No, it didn’t quite happen that way. It would take Joe six more years to even gain the courage to ask Krista for a date! Story goes like this he asked, she said No. He asked again, and again Krista said No….again and again he asked, a total of 6 times and then finally a Yes! LOL funny how life happens isn’t it? Fast forward to the Big day…4/22/17.

The Bride and Groom woke up at the breathtaking and historic Vinoy Resort in Downtown, St Petersburg, Fl. They enjoyed the beautiful day with friends and family, got pampered with hair and makeup. The pair tied the knot on what else but Earth Day in the foliage-filled garden of Florida’s Museum of Fine Arts.

The Vinoy Resort

Historic Resort St Petersburg, FL

Krista is passionate about environmentalism, and she strove to plan an eco-conscious day filled with green details, from plantable invitations made out of bee-friendly wildflower seed paper to everlasting florals crafted out of recycled and sustainable materials. What a magical way to share your love for the environment but by using your wedding invitations to inspire your friends and family to plant wild flowers. A crafty and easy way, simply save our wedding invitation, plant it, water the area and watch wild flowers bloom. My mind was blown when I read about this. Someone ingeniously laced these invitation cards with wildflower seeds (and they are recycled paper). Genius!

plantable wildflower wedding invitations   plantable wildflower wedding invitations

Krista and Joe continued the eco-friendly theme by incorporating both fresh and faux flowers. They chose Wonderland Floral Art for the fresh flowers and the faux flowers were made with salvaged and recycled material…keeping true to Krista’s beliefs.

Our lovely and beautiful Bride, Krista wore a stunning Stella York wedding dress crafted with the most delicate lace. It is a simple yet sophisticated (and a little sexy) wedding dress with dainty straps made by utilizing the scalloped edge of the lace. These delightful straps flow perfectly into a dramatic yet tasteful low back and amazing long, sheer lace train. Truly a wedding dress fit for a dream wedding and gorgeous Bride….Stella York 6247 couldn’t have been more perfect for Krista.

Keeping with the earthy vibe, Krista and Joe helped the bridal party pick out bridesmaid dresses that they could mix and match but be flattering and comfortable on each of the bridesmaid dresses. Featuring lovely shades of blush and rose gold the bridesmaids added a beautiful complement to the Bride and Groom.


Krista is a saavy and crafty Bride so she made the arch where they joined together to become one, she hand made a beautiful donut wall to invite guests to treat themselves…and they provided beautiful and sentimental gifts to each of the guests introducing each of them to a little of her culture from the Philippines. These gifts were individually wrapped lotus votive holders featuring petals that were made out of blush-stained capiz shells—a popular decoration on the islands.



Want more of this beautiful eco-friendly wedding? See the featured article on Swooned or Aisle Society.





November 1, 2017