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How to Sell Inventory in Your Bridal Store Faster by Selling Online

Whether you just bought or opened a bridal boutique or you have been doing this for 40 years, you know there are struggles and roadblocks when it comes to marketing, getting more Brides into your store, and increasing profits. Do you ever feel like nothing you are doing is working? I know in my twelve years in this business I have scratched my head many times and asked why is this not working?

Tips For Selling More Bridal Gown Inventory

If you work in the bridal business then you know that we have to order inventory for our boutiques twice a year, the Spring and Fall Seasons. Depending on how many designers you carry this can quickly snowball into a store busting at the seams with wedding dress samples. So what do you do?

There are many bridal stores that operate with a business plan that is intended to sell their wedding gown inventory out of stock versus using them as store inventory and placing orders for each Bride to get and wear a brand new wedding dress for her wedding. There are many advantages of operating your boutique this way with the top two being inventory management and being able to sell to any Bride including the ones with quick wedding dates. But there are also many, many disadvantages; you may not have the size or color she wants, bad or wrong inventory purchases and constant repair and cleaning of stock are just a few.

Other bridal boutiques purchase sample gowns each season to use for Brides to try on and then they take measurements and order a brand new gown for the Bride to wear. This business model has it’s advantages and disadvantages as well. There will be times where you also purchase a sample that you think will be popular and it isn’t so you receive no return on your investment and there are challenges getting gowns for Brides that have quick weddings and so on.

Too Much Inventory At Your Bridal Boutique?


No matter which business model you use for your lovely Bridal Boutique challenges are real and inventory management is at the top of the list. Let’s just play with an example (a fake bridal shop). For our example we will base our evaluation on a bridal shop that carries 10 different designers and operates the store by purchasing samples and placing orders for the Brides dress. These wedding dress designers are the top in the industry so they have set requirements for the minimum number of gowns that have to be purchased each season. Each season our fake bridal shop has to order 60 new wedding gown samples to add to their boutique. Yep! That’s right, they will have to order 60 wedding gown samples each season for a total of 120 new samples. Ouch!

Sell More Brides, That’s Easy Right?


How can a small, family run bridal shop be successful purchasing 120 new wedding dress samples each year? Well, that’s easy! Get lots of Brides in to your store and get them to buy. Easier said then done right? I know I say it like it is so easy to get them to shop at “your” boutique and even easier for them to “Say Yes to the Dress”. Successful bridal boutiques should turn their inventory an average of 3 times to be “successful”. Is that happening at your boutique? What do you do when you realize a dress isn’t selling? So many times I ordered gowns thinking Brides were going to love it and order it all the time, boy was I wrong.

As bridal boutique owners and operators we have to get better at managing our inventory. Buying 120 new samples each year costs thousands and thousands of dollars. Buying all these gowns every year also means your store will be overrun by wedding dress samples and will start to look messy and disorganized. Not what a Bride wants to see when she comes into the boutique.

What can you do to manage your inventory better?

Here are some great tips.

  • Once your new samples begin arriving start monitoring the level of interest for them
  • Within two months assess the importance of keeping that sample in your store
  • Look for opportunities to sell the gown out of stock at any time
  • Host a bridal gown sample sale to get rid of discontinued or not popular inventory
  • Utilize the internet to list and sell your samples

In a future post we will go into more detail about each of these bullet points but today we will address the last one.

If you have a website for your store that allows you to put your dresses on there and list them for sale you should do it right away! But make sure you do it right. There are several pieces of information about your dress that needs to be included for the big search engines to find it. You can contact me for more info on how to do this ([email protected]).

Sell Bridal Gown Samples Online


Look for opportunities to list your wedding gown inventory for sale on websites that focus solely on selling wedding dresses. Managing your wedding gown inventory can be as easy as creating an account on and listing your gowns. Sell My Dress does all of the SEO work for you! All you have to do is upload the details on the gown including some pictures, set the price and wait for Brides to find you. And the beauty of all of it is these Brides won’t even be local to your area. With all of the technology and SEO work built into their website Brides will be able to find you from all over the U.S and abroad. Talk about easy! What are you waiting for?

Check out these real testimonials.

“We have really busy bridal boutiques that make dreams come true every day for our local Brides but every year we have so many samples in our store that we are busting at the seams. We host sample sales which helps get rid of them but we needed another avenue to sell our wedding gown samples. Searching the internet we found and decided to list some of our dresses. It didn’t take long! We have sold three of our wedding gown samples in only 45 days. I highly recommend trying this website, it will work for you too.” CC’s Boutique

“Our store is cozy and small so it is important for us to keep selling our samples out of stock. In the store we are able to do it once and a while but wanted a way to reach more Brides. We stumbled on and thought what the heck, we can try it. We started with just one dress and it sold pretty quickly so we added a few more. Brides are able to find us online and message us with questions. It is easy and without this site we couldn’t be connecting with Brides across the country. Glad we took a chance. Oh, and the best part you list your dress which take about 3-5 minutes and then sit back and they do all the work, and their fees are less than other sites that are similar. We will continue to use them.” Ivory & Lace

Start by listing one dress or list a few either way, it is a great opportunity for you to sell wedding dresses online. Managing your wedding gown inventory doesn’t have to be only your job, Sell My Dress can sell them for you.

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February 4, 2018