Month: May 2018

What To Do With Your Wedding Dress After The Wedding

Your magical wedding day is over, now what do you do with your wedding dress?

After dreaming of the perfect wedding dress, shopping for months and pinning thousands of Pinterest photos you finally found the dress for you! Your husband couldn’t hold back the tears, Mom and Dad were proud and heartbroken at the same time. All of your friends swooned over your gown and how beautifully radiant you looked and then in a flash it was over.

So what do you do with your wedding dress after the wedding? I am sure you would love to wear it every day at least until it no longer fits. But that probably isn’t an option. After all, I am not sure how many businesses would allow you to come to work in your wedding dress. And errands would be hard to do with a wedding dress on. So exactly what are your options?

Keep It In The Closet

Of course, the easiest thing to do is just hang it in your closet. This is great because at any time you can take it out, swoon over it, put it on and reminisce about the big day. Reality is you probably won’t have time to try it on or swoon over it so all it is going to do is take up space in your closet (which we all know is the valuable real estate in your household).

Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

Not every Bride has an emotional connection with their wedding dress so after the wedding is over, there is no reason to keep it. One of the most popular things to do with your wedding dress after the wedding is Sell it! Yes, that is right! Modern-day Brides want to recoup some of the money they spent on the wedding by selling their wedding gown online as well as many other wedding decorations. The number one website to sell your wedding dress is This website is dedicated to helping the newly married Brides find the perfect engaged Bride to buy their dress. The listing fee is less than other websites and specializes in optimizing your online listing to make it visible to Brides everywhere. Brides search the internet every day for wedding gowns like yours! Get your wedding dress listed online today. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. Visit to sell your wedding dress now.

Sell Bridal Gowns Online

Donate Your Wedding Dress To Charity

If you aren’t the sentimental Bride that wants to keep her wedding dress forever you may be wondering what do I do with my wedding dress now that the wedding is over? There are thousands of Brides that cannot afford a wedding dress but would love to have one. If you aren’t concerned about selling your wedding dress you can donate it to charity. There are many reputable charities that would love to make a Brides dreams come true using your gown.

Whether you choose to keep your gown at home in the closet or sell your wedding dress online with, you should cherish your memories forever.

After all,

You will only wear it once but will remember it forever.

May 30, 2018