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Tips To Planning A Destination Wedding In Italy

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Planning Your Italian Destination Wedding From The Comfort Of Your Home

Today was a slower than usual Saturday at our bridal boutique so it gave me extra time to interact with and get to know our Brides more and I couldn’t have been happier. Such lovely young ladies, with truly amazing love stories, shared all of their dreams and plans for their upcoming weddings.

One Bride, in particular, shared that she and her fiance are planning a destination wedding in Italy. So of course, my interest was peaked because all I could think of it how in the heck are you going to do that? I mean, how can you plan the most important day and event of your life to take place in Italy but you live in Florida?

You Can Plan A Destination Wedding From Home

After work, I came home poured a glass of my favorite red wine and began to think. Really, how is she going to plan her destination wedding in Italy while living in the United States? Being the curious soul that I am I hopped onto to do a little digging for myself. And low and behold google didn’t let me down! (actually google never lets me down!)

Within a few minutes, I stumbled upon an amazing company that is specializing in planning the most amazing destination weddings in Italy, France, Germany, Ireland and Northern Ireland Peach Perfect Weddings is a group of destination wedding planners that take care of couples every need while planning all-inclusive wedding packages for them. I mean, really? Can it be that easy? So I did a little more digging.

Destination Wedding Planners

The group of talented ladies at Peach Perfect Weddings plan weddings from intimate ceremonies for two to elaborate and luxurious events with over 60 people. They have perfected the art of communication and understanding what couples want for their magical day. Worked tirelessly to create cherished relationships with the best wedding professionals in each of their regions. And specialize in creating the most amazing, romantic, and memorable wedding ceremonies and receptions. Truly events that all of your guests will remember forever!

Plan A Destination Wedding In Italy From Abroad

And if that is not enough, the best part of having a wedding planner in Italy (or Germany, France etc)  has got to be that you don’t have to go through the pain of speaking with each individual vendor. The Italian wedding packages that are offered by Peach Perfect Weddings and each region are all-inclusive. So you pay one company, one price and enjoy stress-free wedding planning from home.

Whether you want a small wedding in Italy or a private elopement ceremony in a breathtaking Italian vineyard or a wedding fit for royalty in a historic Italian Renaissance Castle, Eleonora at Peach Perfect Weddings will take care of your every need. She is the sweetest and most tender-hearted person. She really wants to take your vision and dreams of the perfect wedding and make it a reality. And don’t worry, she speaks English! She will even schedule your consultation via Skype so that you can get to know her and she can learn about you, your Fiance and your perfect Italian destination wedding.

So dream on! You CAN plan a destination wedding in Tuscany, Italy from the comfort of your home. Just contact Eleonora, she will take care of everything. Visit to get started planning your memorable destination wedding in Italy today.

Destination Wedding Venues In Europe

Not sure yet on which European location is perfect for your destination wedding? Check out these fabulous ideas for a destination wedding in Germany. Magical castles, cozy cabins in the mountains and breathtaking gardens. Peach Perfect Weddings are also now offering amazing wedding packages in Northern Ireland as well. This country offers the most breathtaking natural backdrops for your destination wedding. There are so many options for your destination wedding. Check out some of the beautiful wedding venues in Northern Ireland.

Plan your wedding in Northern Ireland today!

Plan The Perfect Destination Wedding From Home

Peach Perfect Weddings and their European Wedding Planners can help you select the right location for you and plan everything your heart desires. Get started now. Your dream wedding is waiting.



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June 24, 2018

Selling Wedding Dress Online – Beware of Scams

Sell Used Wedding Dress

Scammers are everywhere! Sell Smart! Protect Yourself!

In our society today, unfortunately, there are many unsavory people that want to cheat and steal their way through life.

Tips For Selling Used Wedding Dress Online & Not Getting Scammed

  • #1 If it sounds too good to be true, it is! End of story.
  • Never accept Checks
  • If someone “overpays” and then requests you return the overpaid amount log into your PayPal account to verify the funds are there and contact PayPal to see how you should proceed.
  • Cashier checks should be verified as legitimate with your bank before shipping gown
  • Implement a waiting period before shipping gown to ensure banks and PayPal can have time to verify funds before you ship your gown.
  • Never send Cash or refund any amount to a buyer. Real Buyers don’t overpay!!
  • Don’t give out personal information. Do all communication through Sell My Dress
  • If someone is very pushy they are probably trying to scam you.


Offers To Pay More Than The Asking Price

Many times over payments are a way that people practice fraud…the money you think they sent (including the over payment never really gets to you, but you ship the dress and refund the overpaid amount….you are out all the way around. So make sure to contact PayPal to confirm the funds are legitimate and then ask them how to proceed. PayPal will never request any money to release a hold on a transaction.

Can A Cashiers Check Be Fraudulent?

Cashiers checks are safer than regular checks but can still be fraudulent. If you can, ask for the cashiers check to be drawn on a local bank so that you can go into the local branch. That bank will be in a better position to tell you whether the check is one they issued and is genuine. Never send or return cash.

How Do I Ship A Wedding Dress I Sold Online?

Always use UPS or Fedex to ship gown and request a signature. You don’t want your dress left at the doorstep for someone else to walk away with. And if you find out it was a scam after you ship the dress you should be able to contact the shipping company and ask them to intercept the package and return it to you.

Online Scammers Are Real

There are thousands of sneaky techniques that these scammers use to cheat innocent people. But for every one of them there are thousands of Brides searching for the perfect used wedding dress. If you are at all suspicious about a message that you received then something is probably wrong. Email us immediately at [email protected] We can check our database to see if this user is reaching out to multiple users trying to scam them also.

We want you to find the perfect Bride for your wedding dress not a scammer.

Email any inquiries or suspicions to [email protected]

Sell Your Wedding Dress Today!

June 6, 2018