2019 Wedding Trends For Couples Getting Married This Year
Posted by Sell My Dress on 18 Feb, 2019

Are you newly engaged and looking for a little wedding inspiration? We have put together our favorite 2019 Wedding Trends to help plan your perfect wedding day!

Metallic Hues Featuring Copper For Your 2019 Wedding.

We saw an increase in the use of metallics at weddings and special events over the past few years and we couldn’t be happier. You see the added metallic elements add a sense of industrial yet romantic and unexpected whimsy to any tablescape. We are excited that 2019 seems to be the year for Copper Wedding Decor.

What Makes Copper The Perfect Accent For Your Wedding?

Copper has a unique quality in that it provides a warm pinkish-orange hue mixed with a touch of gold. Any table that uses copper wedding table decor will immediately be viewed as luxurious. But the best quality that copper wedding details offer is that it can be mix matched with elegant, rich details or the most rustic country decor. Copper wedding details in 2019 are the best marriage of decorative elements we have seen.

Check out our gallery of Copper wedding decor to see if this is the right wedding inspiration for you!


  • Copper Wedding Invitations
  • Copper Wedding Table Setting



Light Box Wedding Trend Replaces Chalkboards


Earthy Elements Mixed With Florals

Recent wedding trends included the love of and use of all types of greenery in wedding decor. From beautiful eucalyptus as table and bouquet accents to succulent arrangements. There truly have been some creative and unique uses of previously ignored greenery and plant life. What a great time to be a Bride! Modern day floral vendors have mastered the art of pairing unique and beautiful organic plants and flowers together creating Instagram worthy weddings.

2019 Floral Trends For Weddings


This year we are expecting to see the use of greenery throughout most weddings and special events but now we are seeing an increase in the demand for earthy elements that add a touch of drama to the event. Goal of course is to have #Instaworthy Photos that go viral!

One unique and almost unheard of floral accent that we are seeing on the rise is the whimsical Pampas grass. Pampas grass is a plant that has beautiful plumes of feathery like flowers creating a romantic setting with movement and touches of unexpected joy.

Brides and wedding planners everywhere are using Pampas grass to line wedding aisles, as centerpieces and additions to floral bouquets.

In 2019 tablescapes are also incorporating earthy decor elements such as plants in wooden boxes and ceramic pots for centerpieces.

View Some Of Our Favorite 2019 Wedding Floral Trends Now 





Sustainability In Wedding Decor Becoming More Popular

As our society learns more and more about global warming and the damage we are doing to our universe an exciting new trend is emerging. Couples are searching for ways to incorporate sustainable wedding decor into their weddings. Eco-friendly options exist everywhere and we are so excited to see brides and grooms wanting to do their part to help save the earth.

A little unknown fact is that “fashion” is the second largest polluter in the world. Yep! Sounds crazy right? Who would have thought that act of producing clothes for us to wear (which is mandatory) would be hurting the earth.

Tips For An Eco-Friendly Wedding

Let’s first start with what it means to be eco-friendly and how you can make an impact each and every day. It’s pretty simple and to be honest a lot of people don’t realize that the little things they do each and every day (without thinking) has a huge impact on our earth.

There are a couple of immediate ways that we ALL can impact the health of our earth.

None of us realize that we can help cut down on carbon footprint if we just turn off the lights. Amazing? Yes, most of us will leave a room (or home) and leave lights on, fans on, AC on, TV on and computer on. News flash! Every second that you leave those things on increases your energy bill and the carbon footprint on the world. Other ways you can help is recycle everything, minimize your wardrobe (you don’t shop every week) and change to LED bulbs which last for years. (more on how to live a eco-friendly life in our next blog)

But back to the real reason you are here…to find out how to make your wedding eco-friendly.

When it comes to planning your wedding you may think that being eco-friendly options are non-existent, but that is not true.

A simple way to incorporate eco-friendly options into your wedding is by having an outdoor wedding. Getting married at a farm, ranch, lake, backyard where you can have an outdoor setting saves on energy. The Sun provides all of the light you need for the event which saves on energy usage.


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