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Tips To Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

Sell My Wedding Dress

How To Sell Your Wedding Dress For Cash!

It’s no secret that brides all over the world have an intense love story with their wedding dress. It is the one single garment of clothing that you will cherish forever and it’s no surprise that you are mesmerized by your wedding dress. After all, you looked like a princess –just out of a fairy tale in your designer wedding gown. But, now what?


While your wedding gown serves to be a precious possession throughout your lifetime, you don’t have to keep it for eternity. Gone are the days that every bride saves her used wedding dress forever under the bed in a preservation box or just hanging in the closet. In today’s society brides everywhere are finding new and inventive ways to give their wedding dress life after the wedding and you can too!


Sell My Wedding Dress

Stunning bride and bridesmaids pose outside



One way is to sell designer wedding dress online. You can put your used wedding dress for sale online and recoup some cash after the wedding. And what better way to breathe new life into your used wedding dress but by seeing her take another trip down the aisle.

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If your goal is to “sell my wedding dress online,” here are some ways to optimize your listing and get maximum buyers for your lovely wedding gown:

•  Price the Dress Right: When it comes to selling your preowned wedding gown online, price plays a vital role in determining its sale. The more attractive the price is for your designer wedding dress, the more inquiries you can expect to receive. If some weeks go by, and you have not received any interest and private messages from potential buyers, you can consider reducing the quoted price for your dress.

Millennial Wedding Trends

•  Make Use of Amazing Pictures: The pictures of the wedding dress that you will put on the online portal will play a vital role in determining the response from potential buyers. Therefore, we recommend that you put up great pictures of your preowned wedding gown that you wish to sell.

In an ideal case, your online listing will contain the image of the wedding dress from different angles specifying its unique features throughout. Make sure that you choose pictures that showcase the details of your beautiful wedding dress, make brides fall in love with her and want to wear her on their wedding day.

Doing this will drive maximum sales.


How To Sell My Wedding Dress Online

Best place To Sell Wedding Dress.


•  Provide Detailed Information: The more information you provide, the better. Therefore, you must aim at including the basic, as well as detailed information about the dress like its fabric, length, dimensions, alterations (if any), and if the dress was preserved or cleaned. Assume the fact that the buyer does not know anything about the dress unless you provide the relevant dress information.

Millennial Wedding Trends

•  Sell Your Wedding Dress On Reputable Websites: There are several websites that allow you to sell your used wedding dress online. You can choose to list your wedding dress on multiple websites or just one.

But to maximize exposure to thousands of brides we suggest that you pay for a few listings including one on This online marketplace offers free social media marketing for your used wedding dress as well as an advanced SEO package. These two factors set this website apart from the others in that they actively promote your wedding dress to the buying public. Not to mention they offer the lowest listing fee if your goal is to “sell my wedding dress” this is a great place to start.

Millennial Wedding Trends

Your wedding dress deserves more than one trip down the aisle. Find another bride for her today by selling your preowned wedding dress online today!

sell my wedding dress

April 20, 2019

After The Wedding: What You Can Expect From Married Life

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What’s Married Life Really Like?

Today’s society is obsessed over anything to do with weddings. We binge watch tv shows like “Say Yes To The Dress”, save hundreds of wedding inspiration Pins on Pinterest and are suckers for any movie that is a love story. We all dream of the day we will fall in love, get engaged and walk down the aisle into wedded bliss. The truth is, your wedding is exhilarating, and unforgettable and while we agree it is a HUGE event, it is just one day versus living a lifetime together in marriage. Have you thought what happens after the wedding: and what you can expect from married life?

Every day we hear people say or see posts about how hard married life is and that you have to work at it. But honestly it doesn’t have to be hard. Our tips for a successful marriage include things to do before you say ‘I Do”.  Simple things like discussing finances, kids, goals and one no one ever thinks about, the need to replace your mattress with one that is state of the art such as Emma Mattress. (more to come on why that’s important later)

See, we believe that the key to a really successful, and mostly stress-free marriage begins in how you prepare to transition into a married relationship. Click To Tweet

And we are here to help!

Today we have some great tips for what you can expect from married life.

Millennial Wedding Trends

Talk About Money

The biggest problem that occurs between most married couples has to do with money. Now, we know this does not come as a surprise to you but what might be shocking is that even though everyone knows finances can be a marriage killer no one seems to talk about it…before the wedding! Which is when it is most important.

If you don’t know the spending patterns of your love before you agree to live in wedded bliss, then you may be in for a shock. We suggest that you take a little time to talk about who will be in charge of “paying” the bills (paying meaning the act of making the payments and not who is going to earn all the money).

And don’t ignore their credit. Yep! I know that’s a private thing, but you should inquire about their credit successes or failures while you are dating. Don’t wait until after the wedding to find out. If your credit is good and theirs is awful you will be entering into your marriage with arguments ready to explode.

Why, you might ask? Well the person that has good credit will be the one that holds ALL the responsibilities to help the family obtain items on credit. Not to mention that person will also have to financially help the less credit worthy spouse take care of past financial problems that existed prior to the wedding. And just being honest, most people don’t like having to pay for things that happened before they came into the picture.

What's Married Life Like?

Make sure to talk about credit scores and finances beforehand so you can both be on the same page and know up front what the expectations & added financial responsibilities. Click To Tweet

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Joining Two Households, How Can It Affect You After Marriage?

If you have two households that need to be joined it is important to talk about this before the wedding. Chat over your favorite coffee or craft beer to decide which home you will reside in and which items you will keep from each. This might sound silly to discuss prior to the wedding but it is really important. Each of you will have items that you absolutely LOVE from your previous life, so keeping them may be important to you.

But honestly, you can’t have two couches, double sets of kitchen stuff etc so figure out before which ones you want to keep and of course which home you will live in once the wedding is over.

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If you already live together before the wedding things will be easier. You won’t have duplicate items to choose from and decide what to do with. BUT, there are still things that are important and should be addressed before marriage.

Our biggest tip for this pre-wedding conversation is to buy a new mattress! And not just any mattress, you should buy a bed in a box mattress online Click To Tweet (because that’s the way we all shop today).

There are several mattress in a box options that you can check out online, but after our research we think you should start by looking at Emma Mattress. Quite possibly the best online mattress because of the innovative design features.

Emma Mattress Features:

Got Your Back!

They carefully crafted their memory foam mattress to keep your spine aligned no matter if you sleep on your side, back or stomach.

No Sweat!

Yep! That’s right. The Emma Mattress is designed so that moisture and heat won’t get trapped in the memory foam mattress so your sleep is sweat-free! Gotta love this!

Easy, Breezy

If you are like me several times throughout the night, I have to pop my leg out from under the covers to “cool down”. Not sure why we all figured out this special technique but hey, it works!

A better option if you don’t have a new bed in a box mattress then keep on sticking that leg out. But if you want a wonderful, peaceful well rested sleep then keep the leg in. Emma Mattress allows air flow to move freely so you stay cool while you sleep. Genius!

Best Online Mattress - Emma Mattress

Weird, that we would suggest you indulge in a new memory foam mattress but we honestly feel that this is important to start your marriage off right. You see, unless you have lived together since teenage years or recently bought a new mattress you will be entering your marriage sleeping on a “used” mattress.

While this may have been ok during your dating years once you get married your bedroom and mattress become a more sacred place. And one that you don’t want to have shared with anyone other than your spouse. So, pamper yourselves! You will enjoy the most rested nights and awaken each morning refreshed and ready for the world.

Tips To A Successful Marriage


Millennial Wedding Trends

Kids Or No Kids?

Having children is a game changer to any single or married person. It is such a huge responsibility so make sure that you know what your fiancé wants before you walk down the aisle. The worst thing you can do is ignore this conversation, get married and then find out that you new spouse doesn’t want kids. If you want them and they don’t your marriage will be a challenge and quite possibly will end in divorce unless one of you is ready to give in.

Pre-Wedding Talk About Having Kids Or Not

Don’t wait until after the wedding. Find time to talk about whether or not you want children while you are dating or at the latest during the engagement. And make sure your conversation includes what will happen after the children are born. Will both of you continue to work? Will one stay home with the kids to avoid day care costs etc.

These things are super important to having a healthy and stress-free marriage from the beginning. Click To Tweet

Millennial Wedding Trends

Throw Selfishness Out The Window

No one goes into a marriage excited about having to “work on” the relationship, so instead of starting out like so many others eliminate that work by doing this one thing.

Throw selfishness out the window, there is no place for it in your marriage.

In order for your marriage to start out and remain easy neither of you can be selfish. I know this may sound extremely difficult to achieve but honestly, if you truly “love” each other things that you used to stress and argue about in previous relationships will no longer be important.

Take for instance, if seeing dirty clothes on the floor drives you nuts and your partner does this, don’t think you are going to “change them”. You either have to allow them to do it, without you nagging, or realize that you are not good for each other and shouldn’t get married.

And if there is one cookie left in the box, let them have it. Doing this will show them how much you love and respect their happiness which will instill and encourage the same in them. Everyone wants to be loved but to truly join as one in marriage you have to become one, be satisfied by them enjoying the cookie instead of you.

Millennial Wedding Trends

Don’t Overspend On The Wedding

Oh boy! This is a good one! Please don’t overspend on the wedding just to impress people. If you are paying for it yourselves the worst thing you can do is take all of your hard earned (or donated money) and spend it on the wedding. First of all the ceremony and reception will only last about 5 hours so it’s kind of crazy to drop $33,000 on 5 hours of time (that’s the national average for weddings in the U.S.A).

There are tons of ways that you can save on your wedding. Here are a few of the most popular.

Get Married On A Weekday. Rates Are Cheaper

Buy A Used Wedding Dress Online

Use Silk Flowers (So You Can Sell Them Afterwards)

Sell Your Used Wedding Dress (Recoup Some Cash)

Use E-vites Instead Of Traditional Wedding Invitations & Save The Dates

Sell My Wedding Dress

Stunning bride and bridesmaids pose outside

An extra special tip in this department is, if your family is willing to pay for some (or all) of the wedding sit down with them and figure out how to pay half of what they are offering for the wedding and save the rest. Doing this will start your marriage out with a small nest egg in the bank for rainy days.

Millennial Wedding Trends

If you remember back to the beginning of this article, you know finances are always a challenge in weddings. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some money in the bank so that you aren’t arguing about money from the start?

Being married is similar to an artist painting a mural, with every stroke of the brush an amazingly, unique story bursting with vibrant memories and colors comes to life. Marriage is definitely a work of art, not a quick sketch meant to be thrown away.

Throw self-interest out the window if you want your marriage to bloom into the true masterpiece you desire. You don’t have to work at it, if you truly love and respect each other.

Share your thoughts and concerns with us. We want to know, what excites you most about marriage. Share your comments below!

sell my wedding dress

April 16, 2019

How To Get A Free Honeymoon

Honeymoon Giveaway


Honeymoon Sweepstakes: How To Get A Free Honeymoon

You might think it is completely impossible to get your honeymoon for Free but if you plan and prepare ahead of time it just might work!

Contests are a great way to win different portions of the Honeymoon for Free. We have seen Free wedding contests through The Knot, Wedding Wire and Perfect Wedding Guide. Travel companies also host contests and giveaways for free Honeymoon getaways.

If you stumble upon a contest or giveaway, what do you have to lose? Enter it! You just might win. Check out this Honeymoon giveaway through Perfect Wedding Guide. Make sure to enter soon, the sweepstakes entry period ends at 11:59 PM June 15, 2019. Google is your best friend (or at least mine) when it comes to finding little gems like this.

Millennial Wedding Trends


Win Free Honeymoon At Bridal Shows

Another option is to attend the local Bridal Shows. These bridal expos always have vendors that are promoting their service and are ready to giveaway things to help you choose them. Travel companies will be there, tuxedo companies, bridal shops, hotels, photographers and any other vendor you can think of. If you are the lucky type you could walk away with a Free trip (Hello! Honeymoon) or Free tuxedo rentals etc. Either way, anything you win saves you money on the budget and that savings can be allotted to the Honeymoon Fund 🙂


Millennial Wedding Trends

Earn Miles and Points – Travel For Free
(or very little)

Me, personally I am not the “lucky type”. So one of my favorite tips to traveling for Free or Next to nothing is apply for and get a credit card that allows you to earn points and/or miles. My Husband and I earn miles with JetBlue and fly to Costa Rica at least once a year for only $150 round trip for both of us. (not $150 each, $150 for both). He earns points at hotels by traveling for work so we get Free hotels so all we need is spending money. It is great! We have been taking 3 international trips each year and I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it is to see the world while spending hardly any money.

We use our cards for everything, groceries, gas, purchases and even some bills so it is easy to accumulate miles and points. Not to mention most companies are offering huge bonuses for getting their cards and charging a certain amount on it within the first few months. But be careful! The true tip here is to make sure you are paying it off each month and not just accumulating debt. That is not the point of this tip! We want you to charge smart, pay it off each month and reap the benefits of Miles and Points. Shoot! Pay for your wedding on these cards and you could have enough points/miles to travel a few times for a few years 🙂


Millennial Wedding Trends

Get Cash From Your Wedding Guests

Sign up for a Honeymoon Registry. Just like a regular Bridal Registry that you do through Bed Bath & Beyond or Target, You can create a Honeymoon Registry and have your guests pay for your Honeymoon Click To Tweet….cool idea, huh?

Check out The Newlywed Fund by The Knot. This is essentially a Free Cash Registry. When a guest contributes to your fund, the money gets automatically transferred to your bank account.

It’s that easy!


Millennial Wedding Trends

You can enter to win a Free Wedding & Honeymoon at the Luxurious Beaches Resorts by Sandals.

Click here for more details.

Having the perfect honeymoon to relax and recoup from all that planning is what every couple needs. So whether you enter a honeymoon sweepstakes, honeymoon giveaway or your guests give cash to cover your expenses. Just sit back, enjoy your new Spouse and dream about your new life together.


Share Your Tips & Ideas For Snagging A Free Honeymoon. Comment Below



Other money saving ideas. Buy A Used Wedding Dress & Sell Preowned Wedding Dress After The Wedding. Read More Now.



sell my wedding dress

April 11, 2019