Brides dressed to Kill in pants
Posted by Sell My Dress on 23 Nov, 2017

Everything we know about weddings starts with the fairytale idea of a beautiful bride floating on air in a gorgeous wedding dress. As little girls our visions include Brides draped in flowing tulle veils, wearing stunning ballgowns made with luxurious fabrics with delicate beaded details, makeup and hair flawless and just killing it.

Fast forward to 2017 and the wedding dress isn’t the only option. We are seeing Brides of all backgrounds dropping the tradition of wearing a formal wedding dress and opting for a dramatic, sophisticated and stylish ivory or white pant suit. I love this idea!

I first stumbled on this idea while dreaming of the day I would marry my husband. We knew we weren’t going to do a formal big ceremony and reception (why waste $30k, we could save that for our retirement). We wanted small, just the two of us and probably would do it at the local court house. So I googled (my favorite search engine, because Yes! Google knows everything!) lace pants and found this fashion forward lace jumpsuit by J. Crew. I was hooked!

J Crew Wedding Jumpsuit

Since then I have seen more and more Brides forgo the fuss of the wedding dress. Skipping all the drama that surrounds shopping for a wedding dress, not to mention the prices that wedding gowns cost.

Brides wearing pants…is it for you?

Today there are many options. Modern day Brides want to do one thing, be unique and themselves. We are seeing people getting married later in life or getting married for the 2nd and 3rd time. So the fluff and tradition of the wedding gown may not be for them. And we are all for it! Skip the walk down the aisle in flowing tulle and opt for a more modern, sleek, sexy and sophisticated wedding pant suit. Whether you are an older bride, or young, straight or gay there are many options other than a dress.

Kendra White Lace Jumpsuit

At our local bridal boutique we are honored to work with many brides marrying their true life partner and yes! many times it is another woman. So what do they wear? Do both Brides wear wedding dresses? The answer is…it is different for each couple. Some have chosen to both shop at our boutique, both select beautiful free spirited and effortless boho inspired wedding dresses. Another couple chose a traditional wedding gown and a more modern fitted lace silhouette and then we have had others that one wears a simple lace wedding dress that is totally romantic and the spouse wore a grey suit. Whatever your flavor rock it with style!

Me personally I LOVEEEE the sleek and sophisticated Ivory Pant or Jumpsuit. Hmmm maybe I can convince my husband do renew our vows so I can wear one…stay tuned…I will let you know if I convince him 🙂

So, go ahead…Be a rebel! Set your own trends and be uniquely you!



Credits: | Kendra White Lace Jumpsuit | J. Crew| |



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