Color Trends for Weddings
Posted by Sell My Dress on 19 Nov, 2017

Growing up my favorite color was green. I know, sounds crazy huh? Not many people like the color of green and I would like to say that I had an exciting reason for liking Green like because it is the color of money or because I am a nature lover, but the truth is as a young lady I just wanted to be different so I chose a color that wasn’t as popular with other people. LOL I know….

Now that I am grown up (or maybe growing up) and experiencing the world I find myself still drawn to the color green (although my favorite color now may be pink). Over the past 12 years I have gotten closer to God and seeing things as simple as the wind blowing in the trees and the rain falling from the skies gives me a sense of joy and excitement. I have always been simple and down to earth so connecting with all God’s creations is easy for me but joining the wedding industry twelve years ago was an eye opener.


So many people obsess about every minor detail. They are dramatic and over-the-top. Thinking only about themselves and how others see them….forgetting about the big picture; loving God, your neighbor and our earth.

Wedding budgets are out of control and a lot of it is spent on flowers. Yes! Flowers….these stunning organic beauties are super expensive when you connect them with a wedding or holiday. I mean, come on….who decided that a dozen red roses are $9.99 on any random day but put a name like Valentines Day or Mothers Day on the calendar and the price jumps to $50 per dozen or even $75. It is just ridiculous!

So, I am excited to see that many Brides and Grooms are choosing to go green with their weddings, skipping the floral explosion of color. Many times we forget that all things that God created are beautiful. We don’t have to always get the most expensive or newest item. Lush green garland, simple baby’s breathe, or delicate succulents can create a magical and memorable wedding for you and your guests.

After all isn’t the wedding about the sharing of your Vows? The joining of two people into one? Not how much did you spend on the dress, the flowers, the venue but do you truly love each other and can your journey through life sustain today’s negativity and drama.

So go ahead, choose a venue that has beautiful decor from the earth. Decorate it with simple yet gorgeous accents of greenery and enjoy the true beauty of Love.


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