Waffle House Food Truck Wedding Catering
Posted by Sell My Dress on 25 Mar, 2019

Waffle House, Your Food Truck Wedding Caterer


Hold up! Stop the press! Waffle House food truck will cater your wedding?


Yaass! It is true! Waffle House expanded its empire and joined the food truck revolution in August 2018 rolling out food trucks that are designed to look like actual Waffle House buildings. It’s like having a real Waffle House at your wedding.


This is ingenious!

For a mainstream, popular restaurant chain to think outside the box so far as to start their own food trucks is absolutely the best marketing idea ever. Can’t you just imagine your wedding guests at the food truck ordering their hash browns smothered, covered and chunked?


Of course, food trucks are not new but most of them are start-up, entrepreneur businesses with their own ideas and recipes. Because food trucks are typically unknown brands people are sometimes hesitant to try them in fear of bad food or cleanliness. Having Waffle House, a major brand name on your food truck wedding catering will instill a level of trust in your guests. And once they try it they will be hooked.

Millennial Wedding Trends

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We are excited to see that in 2019 millennials are changing the way weddings are planned and food trucks play a part. You see millennials are all about the “experience” of life. Interactive food stations, food trucks, games, live entertainment, photo booths etc are all ways that millennial couples are engaging their guests with experiences that will last a lifetime.


Wondering how much the Waffle House Wedding Food Truck costs?


Read on, we will outline the rates below.


Waffle House Wedding Food Truck

Waffle House Food Truck


Now for those of you who are not from the south you may not be too familiar with the Waffle House legacy. Unless you have visited one while on vacation or late-night during Spring Break (they are open 24/7, 365). Let me take a moment to share the Waffle House MAGIC.


Waffle House has been a beloved icon in the South for over 60 years, beginning in 1955. The concept is unique in that is similar to a diner set up with a long bar counter that guests can sit at or booths around the windows. The design is the same at all 1,900+ locations and was created to inspire social engagement with the staff as well as other guests.



Wedding Food Truck Ideas 2019

Wedding Trends Taking Off in 2019


The kitchen is in full view of the guests, food is prepared fresh and cooked-to-order and served on real china. The restaurants are small and cozy with lots of personality and many times filled to max capacity at any AND all times of the day. After your first visit to a Waffle House you will be in LOVE and want to return over and over again. This is part of their magic. Many customers quickly become regulars their staff remembers their names, have personal conversations and provide an “experience” unmatched by any other chain.


Sounds amazing right? Well to be honest it is! Walking into a Waffle House you will feel comfortable and at home right away. The menu is small but packed with southern goodness that will mesmerize your taste buds.


Doesn’t This Sound Great For Your Wedding?


2019 Wedding Trends


Breakfast is their specialty, but they also have amazing T-bone steaks and burgers. What really put them on the map and made them famous is their staff’s southern charm & personalities and their HASH BROWNS. And let me tell you these hash browns are not like any other you have every experienced (unless they copied Waffle House’s idea).


You can order your Waffle House hash browns 8 different ways.

SMOTHERED – Grilled Onions
COVERED – Melted Cheese
CHUNKED – Hickory Smoked Ham
DICED – Grilled Tomatoes
PEPPERED – Jalapeno Peppers
CAPPED – Grilled Mushrooms
TOPPED – Bert’s Chili
COUNTRY – Sausage Gravy

2019 Wedding Trends

The addition of the Waffle House Food Truck to their empire means that they now offer event catering. You can have the Waffle House Food Truck come to your wedding, corporate event, etc. Can you imagine your guests surprise when they see a Waffle House on wheels at your wedding?


Here are some of the details on booking a Waffle House food truck for your wedding. Click To Tweet


The cost for the food truck wedding catering varies based on the number of guests at your wedding and the menu options. You can book your Waffle House food truck for your wedding with a one-time deposit of $90 and $50 per hour rental fee, discuss the menu and estimated cost per person and lock in your wedding date. (they will require a 50% deposit if your food expenses exceed $1,000)


Not too bad for a well established and beloved popular restaurant chain to cater your wedding.


Before you get too excited, right now it appears that the Food Trucks are mostly available in the Atlanta area which is where the company began and is headquartered. But Hey! They are willing to travel for a little extra dough to cover lodging fees for team members.


Plan Your 2019 Wedding



Food Truck Wedding Caterer



Check out the Waffle House Food Truck Prices below then  call far in advance to book your wedding.

Nothing can be better than seeing your guests enjoy some good ol’ southern food ordered from a Waffle House Food Truck at your wedding.

Book your food truck now [email protected] or 770-954-6024

Wedding Food Truck Cost


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Photo Credits: Waffle House Website Gallery | Vue Photography

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