As industry professionals we know that after the wedding the question is….what do I do with my dress? Don’t let your gown get lost on other sites that boast over 15,000+ wedding dress for sale.

Sell My Dress connects buyers and sellers of new, gently worn or sample bridal gowns without a middleman (retailer) so as the buyer “You”, Save more Or as the Seller you recoup some money that you spent. Everyday thousands of Brides are searching for the perfect dress and don’t want to pay retail prices, so free up closet space and share your beloved wedding gown for another Bride to enjoy.

The journey to find the perfect dress can be exhausting…and not to mention the retail prices can be more than you would like to pay.

So, why not find her and pay less? Search our website for the perfect dress and once you find her follow these simple steps to have her become yours.


What do you do with your beautiful wedding dress after the wedding? Let it take up space in the closet? Preserve it? Donate it? Why not Sell it and recoup some of the money spent on the wedding?

Follow these simple steps to find the Perfect Bride for your perfect Dress.



Seller Experience

Buyer Experience

What do you do with your beautiful wedding dress after the wedding? Let it take up space in the closet? Preserve it? Donate it?

Why not Sell it and recoup some of the money spent on the wedding?

Follow these simple steps to find the Perfect Bride for your perfect Dress.

The journey to find the perfect dress can be exhausting…and not to mention the retail prices can be more than you would like to pay.

So, why not find her and pay less?

Search our website for the perfect dress and once you find her follow these simple steps to have her become yours.



Selling your dress

  • How do I determine the best price to sell my gown? We know you want to get as much money as possible by selling your wedding dress online on, here are some insider tips. During my 10+ years managing the operations and marketing of bridal boutiques I have learned that the magic price that most people are willing to spend on a used wedding dress is $400 – $500. Of course, if you spent $5,000 on your wedding dress you probably don’t want to sell it for this low price. So here are some other tips: If you wore your gown, price your gown at least 50% off the retail price for it to sell rather quickly. If you never wore the gown make sure you specify this in your description and list it at 30% off. Of course, you can also allow Brides to “Make an Offer”.


  • How should I describe my gown? We think it is best for you to use as many descriptive words to paint the picture and make her fall in love with your dress versus another Sellers gown. But the most important part of the description needs to be using the Designer name and style number or name of gown as many times as possible. This will help with the search engines in finding your listing when someone searches for Maggie Sottero Emma on Google (for example).


  • How long will it take to sell my gown? Unfortunately there is no magic timeline on how long it will take to sell. We have seen many gowns sell as quickly as 24 hours but it really will depend on your dress and if Brides are searching for that specific style and of course the price that you are selling it at, the condition it is in and if the size and color match her requirements. So if you are aggressive in wanting to sell your dress, price it right, describe it with lots of details and use what we call “keywords” in your description to help the major search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) find your listing. We do not make any guarantees that your dress will sell.


  • What is the listing fee? You may sell your wedding dress on for the one-time low price of $9.95.  We make no guarantees that your wedding dress will sell on but selling your wedding dress on provides major exposure to Brides around the world you would otherwise have no access too.


  • What payments methods are accepted? At this time we suggest that you sell your wedding dress on by utilizing only PayPal as the payment method. Utilizing PayPal provides the buyer and seller a purchase guarantee. Get more details on the PayPal Protection Plan here


  • Some basic Selling tips


  • Never ship your wedding gown before you verify the funds have been received in your PayPal account.
  • Be aware of online fraudulent activity – If someone is wanting to send a large amount of money for your help in any task be wary…it is usually a scam
  • Follow your gut. If something feels suspicious or if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  • Describe your gown honestly and openly. Make sure to disclose any flaws, stains or damage so the Bride that is buying it understands from the beginning what she is getting. Include pictures if you can.


  • Do I pay any commission fees on the sale of my dress? Other websites do take a percentage of the Sale price of your wedding dress. At we are proud to simply provide you a marketplace (online store) for you to sell your wedding dress and reach thousands of Brides. We do not take portion of the sale price of your wedding dress. The only fee we collect is the one-time only listing fee of $9.95.


  • What is the refund policy for Selling your wedding dress on provides you an arena to reach tons of Brides thus maximizing your opportunities to get her sold. All we charge for this access is a one-time $9.95 listing fee. Once you List Your Dress the fee is non-refundable.


  • Do I need to offer a return policy? Most purchases of a second-hand nature are non-returnable or refundable however, it is completely your choice as to whether you will allow a potential Bride to return a wedding gown she purchased from you. Some things you should take into consideration if you do allow a return are: how long will you allow her to have your gown in her possession and still be allowed to return it? If your gown is preserved in a box and she breaks the seal the gown will no longer be protected and will need to be re-preserved so you may want to charge her a re-stocking fee of sorts to cover the cost you will have to preserve it. If she has 2nd thoughts or changes her mind she too can sell the gown on Just make sure that the way you describe your gown is completely truthful and accurate, share as many pictures as possible including the inside of the neckline, and under the hem (so she can see the dirt), pictures of any damage, stains or flaws that way she knows exactly what she is getting before you ship it. This “should” lower the risk of her wanting to return it. But don’t forget by utilizing the PayPal payment method your sale and her purchase is guaranteed. Get more details on the PayPal Protection Plan here


  • What is the safest way to collect payment? At this time we are only suggesting that all payments are made by utilizing PayPal. This provides a protection for both you as the seller and the Bride purchasing the gown.


  • Do I pay for shipping or should the Buyer pay for shipping? This is your choice. You can absorb the fee for shipping yourself or pass along the fee to the Bride that is purchasing. Either way this needs to be negotiated up front so that everyone understands the process. suggests strongly that only reputable companies such as UPS or Fedex be used to ship your gown and even though it costs more you should always insure the package for the retail price of the gown and require a signature to receive the package. You do not want the carrier to simply leave the package at the door….in today’s world someone could just walk away with the package and then you have no recourse to get reimbursed for your loss. Make sure to provide the Bride the tracking number, this will reassure her that her money is well spent and her dress is on its way. And don’t forget, shipping overnight or 3 day air costs more than ground shipping. Shipping rates will vary based on the size of the box, weight, value of package and how far it is going. Make sure to contact a reputable company to get the appropriate pricing so you are prepared to explain it to the Buyer.


  • How do I calculate shipping costs?


  • What type of scams should I look out for? In our society today unfortunately there are many unsavory people that want to cheat and steal their way through life. Some suggestions from us: never accept Checks; if someone “overpays” and then requests you return the overpaid amount log into your PayPal account to verify the funds are there and contact PayPal to see how you should proceed. Many times overpayments are a way that people practice fraud…the money you think they sent (including the overpayment never really gets to you, but you ship the dress and refund the overpaid amount….you are out all the way around. So make sure to contact PayPal to confirm the funds are legitimate and then ask them how to proceed. PayPal will never request any money to release a hold on a transaction.


  • How do I remove my listing? You can remove your listing at any time by contacting us with the request. Once we receive your request for removal we will remove your listing within 48 hours. Your listing will automatically be deactivated after 1 year however, we will contact you via email to verify if you want to continue the listing.


  • What do I do once I sell my gown? Once you find the perfect Bride for your wedding dress, make sure you ship your gown with a reputable company (like UPS or Fedex) and email the Bride the tracking number for peace of mind that her new gown is on its way. Once she has received her gown, simply email us and we will remove the listing within 48 hours. Since your successful listing resulted in a new Bride to love her, we would a testimonial about your experience. At our goal is to provide a great environment for Brides to communicate with each other and help both our Sellers and Buyers find the perfect match. Wedding dresses are an emotional purchase and really create such beautiful memories, we are proud to be part of the experience.


  • Can I sell wedding gowns from my Bridal Boutique online at Yes, we do allow reputable Bridal Boutiques to sell their gowns on is a great tool for small Bridal Boutiques to provide access to thousands of Brides to hopefully sell some of your wedding dress inventory to make room for new arrivals. After being the Director of Operations and Marketing of prestigious Bridal Boutiques with multiple locations, I understand that it is difficult to move inventory and you can’t just keep adding stock….there is simply not enough room. Samples sales do work but only on a small scale. Contact us at [email protected] for details, we are happy to help you unload your stock.




Buying a Wedding Dress online at


  • Is buying a wedding dress online at safe? com was created by industry professionals based on the needs of Brides that are looking for a place to provide exposure to the world to sell their wedding dress or buy a wedding dress for less than suggested retail prices. is a safe online environment. We suggest that you utilize PayPal as your method of payment. PayPal is a well-established and reputable company that provides a PayPal Purchase Protection Plan to protect your money. If the dress arrives different from it was described, is not an authentic designer gown or doesn’t arrive at all simply contact PayPal and initiate a dispute. Disputes are not handled by Of course, intuition is key… something sounds too good to be true, it probably is so use common sense and follow your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t worry someone else will be selling the same gown soon.


  • Why are the prices so low? Prices for the wedding dresses sold online at are set individually by each seller. Women just like you that are looking for a deal or want to sell their wedding dress use our site daily. Most Brides that are selling their dress know that they cannot get full retail price because they have worn it once so they offer it to you at a discount. You win because you save tons and they win because they can recoup some money spent on the wedding and free up closet space at the same time. So shop and enjoy huge savings.


  • What is the safest way to pay? At this time we are only suggesting that all payments are made by utilizing PayPal. This provides a protection for both you as the Buyer and the Seller selling the gown. Get more details on the PayPal Protection Plan here:



  • Should I meet the Seller in person to try the gown on? This is a tough one to answer because we would like to think that all sellers have great intentions but we have all heard those horror stories about someone meeting in person to buy or sell something and something tragic happens (Theft, injury or worse). While we understand your need to see the wedding dress in person prior to purchasing it and even try it on we can only suggest that you are smart and cautious about it. Always meet in a public place. Never go alone. Always let someone else know where you are going and the name and phone number of the person you are meeting. And of course, if you feel uneasy about the meeting – cancel it. And remember the old saying…if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.


  • How long will it take my wedding dress to arrive once purchased? This is based on where the dress is located and where you live. If you need the gown quickly make sure to discuss this with the Seller and possibly even upgrade the shipping to ensure it arrives on time. Make sure to request that the wedding gown is shipped via a reputable company like UPS or Fedex and always ask for the tracking number.


  • How do I know a wedding dress or listing is genuine? com does not have a process in place to check the validity of each listing. We recommend that you ask lots of questions about the gown and ask for additional pictures including the tag on the inside of the dress (to see if it is truly the designer they are saying). Ask questions via email about any damage or flaws and pay in full using PayPal so you are protected by their Protection Plan. Do not pay cash or with a check as you will not have recourse should the dress not arrive or be different than described. Make sure to read the details on the PayPal Protection Plan and follow the correct steps to ensure your coverage. Basically your money will be refunded if the dress doesn’t arrive or is not as described…but there are steps you have to do to be covered.


  • What is the difference between street size and label size? Designer wedding gowns are not made utilizing the same size chart as our regular every day clothing. Most wedding gowns sizes are typically 2 sizes smaller than regular clothes. For example: if you wear a size 6 in a regular dress you will typically be a size 10/12 in a wedding dress BUT every designer is different so you need to do some research, do not assume you wear a size 6 to work so you will be a size 6 in a wedding dress. Most gowns cannot be returned so ask lots of questions before you purchase.


  • How do I know my size? We recommend that you get professionally measured at a bridal boutique to help you determine your size. All wedding dress designers have a size chart and they are ALL different but they are all based on the same foundation…Bust Waist and Hips. So go to a bridal boutique and get measured, this will help you figure it out. But don’t forget if you love a wedding dress and it is a great deal, but it is bigger than you are…don’t fret! All wedding dresses can be altered and taken down typically up to two sizes…so get measured, shop for the perfect dress and Save!


  • Is length of the dress important? Yes, it is very important!! Wedding dresses are typically made based on a size chart and standard length which can be 58” or 60” (depending on designer). If a gown has been altered it may be too short for you or if you are tall it may be too short. So ask questions; did she shorten the gown during alterations? how tall is she? Did she wear heals with her dress? This will help you figure out if the length will work for you.(example if she is 5’4” and wore 4” heels then essentially she was 5’9” at her wedding) Keep this mind…if the dress is too long for you it can always be shortened but it cannot be made longer. (wedding dress length measurement is generally determined by measuring from the hollow of the neck to the floor)


  • What is your return policy? com is not the retailer for the wedding dresses listed on our marketplace therefore we do not set any of the return policies or have any part of a dispute should it arise. Each Seller determines their own return policy but as with many things that are purchased used or as a re-sale most are a final sale. Make sure you read and understand the return policy before you make payment and make sure to utilize PayPal as your method of payment so your money is protected.


  • Do you have a store location? No at this time is simply an online marketplace to connect Brides that want to Buy or Sell preowned wedding dresses.