How To Get A Free Honeymoon
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Honeymoon Sweepstakes: How To Get A Free Honeymoon

You might think it is completely impossible to get your honeymoon for Free but if you plan and prepare ahead of time it just might work!

Contests are a great way to win different portions of the Honeymoon for Free. We have seen Free wedding contests through The Knot, Wedding Wire and Perfect Wedding Guide. Travel companies also host contests and giveaways for free Honeymoon getaways.

If you stumble upon a contest or giveaway, what do you have to lose? Enter it! You just might win. Check out this Honeymoon giveaway through Perfect Wedding Guide. Make sure to enter soon, the sweepstakes entry period ends at 11:59 PM June 15, 2019. Google is your best friend (or at least mine) when it comes to finding little gems like this.

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Win Free Honeymoon At Bridal Shows

Another option is to attend the local Bridal Shows. These bridal expos always have vendors that are promoting their service and are ready to giveaway things to help you choose them. Travel companies will be there, tuxedo companies, bridal shops, hotels, photographers and any other vendor you can think of. If you are the lucky type you could walk away with a Free trip (Hello! Honeymoon) or Free tuxedo rentals etc. Either way, anything you win saves you money on the budget and that savings can be allotted to the Honeymoon Fund 🙂


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Earn Miles and Points – Travel For Free
(or very little)

Me, personally I am not the “lucky type”. So one of my favorite tips to traveling for Free or Next to nothing is apply for and get a credit card that allows you to earn points and/or miles. My Husband and I earn miles with JetBlue and fly to Costa Rica at least once a year for only $150 round trip for both of us. (not $150 each, $150 for both). He earns points at hotels by traveling for work so we get Free hotels so all we need is spending money. It is great! We have been taking 3 international trips each year and I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it is to see the world while spending hardly any money.

We use our cards for everything, groceries, gas, purchases and even some bills so it is easy to accumulate miles and points. Not to mention most companies are offering huge bonuses for getting their cards and charging a certain amount on it within the first few months. But be careful! The true tip here is to make sure you are paying it off each month and not just accumulating debt. That is not the point of this tip! We want you to charge smart, pay it off each month and reap the benefits of Miles and Points. Shoot! Pay for your wedding on these cards and you could have enough points/miles to travel a few times for a few years 🙂


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Get Cash From Your Wedding Guests

Sign up for a Honeymoon Registry. Just like a regular Bridal Registry that you do through Bed Bath & Beyond or Target, You can create a Honeymoon Registry and have your guests pay for your Honeymoon Click To Tweet….cool idea, huh?

Check out The Newlywed Fund by The Knot. This is essentially a Free Cash Registry. When a guest contributes to your fund, the money gets automatically transferred to your bank account.

It’s that easy!


Millennial Wedding Trends

You can enter to win a Free Wedding & Honeymoon at the Luxurious Beaches Resorts by Sandals.

Click here for more details.

Having the perfect honeymoon to relax and recoup from all that planning is what every couple needs. So whether you enter a honeymoon sweepstakes, honeymoon giveaway or your guests give cash to cover your expenses. Just sit back, enjoy your new Spouse and dream about your new life together.


Share Your Tips & Ideas For Snagging A Free Honeymoon. Comment Below



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