How To Pin A Boutonniere Without Pinpricks & Blood
Posted by Sell My Dress on 26 Mar, 2019

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You have waited a lifetime for your wedding day, dreamt about it since you were a little girl, and pinned thousands and thousands of wedding inspiration photos on Pinterest. Now that the day has finally arrived, your only wish is for it to be perfect. And one small minor task might just ruin that…pinning on the groom & groomsmen boutonniere’s.

Sounds crazy, right? That such a minor detail, the boutonnieres could have an impact on your wedding day, but it can.

No need to stress, we are here to help!

How To Pin A Boutonniere

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There is a great new tool on the market that makes it easy to pin a boutonniere without pinpricks and blood; FlowerStay. Yes! Finally, an ingenious invention that will help make every wedding day be perfect (or at least help the guys get dressed). Trust us when we say the wedding day will fly by in a blink of eye. We want to make sure you cherish each and every moment without any bumps in the road to do that, avoiding these minor bloopers is vital.


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Wedding days are filled with a lot of bonding, emotions, love, laughter and tears. The day should be fun, but organized. Make a timeline and distribute it to your groomsmen and bridesmaids so that everyone knows when to show up, when photos will be taken etc. You know there is always someone that is a little more laid back and chill in your wedding party. They are the ones that if not given guidance they will show up late adding stress to your wedding day. The timeline will help ease the stress and make a wonderful smooth day for everyone!

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When it comes time for the guys to get dressed they can pretty much handle it themselves (we hope). But once they are all decked out, looking GQ in their tuxedo or suit it comes time for the boutonniere.


This is one thing most guys can’t do without a little help. 


  Remember that your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days in your life so last thing you want to deal with is someone bleeding from a pinprick. Have you ever tried to pin a boutonniere to a Grooms tuxedo or suit jacket? It’s not that easy, right?


How can something so small and pretty be so hard to work with?


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FlowerStay Step 1


Today we want to introduce you to FlowerStay. This small invention is a lifesaver on your wedding day. After countless weddings and failed attempts to attach boutonnieres FlowerStay decided it was time “to find a way to help save humanity from pinpricks, bloodstained shirts, floppy flowers and ruined photos”. source:


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And the best part if FlowerStay is super easy to use. Only 3 simple steps to get your boutonniere pinned on perfectly!


How To Pin A Boutonniere


Check them out! And add a little sense of comfort to your wedding day!


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