Nick Jonas Wedding Photos
Posted by Sell My Dress on 5 Dec, 2018

Nick Jonas’ Wedding to Priyanka Chopra

Everyone loves a fairytale love story and magical wedding so when celebrities announce their engagements we all SWOON about the details.

I never really was a huge fan or follower of the Jonas brothers, I am a little older to have been crazy about them during their popular days. But none the less, their music was good. And I must say that the brothers including Nick Jonas seemed to be humble nice guys.

Of course being in the wedding industry means I am even more intrigued by the Nick Jonas wedding. My main interest of course is the Brides dress! And oh my gosh, Priyanka Chopra did not disappoint!

Celebrity weddings are always over the top and that is why we love them. They do things that the average Joe cannot. Luxury and expense seems to take a back seat when it comes to planning celebrity weddings. And we LOVE it!

So I couldn’t wait for December 1, 2018 the day of Nick Jonas’ wedding to Priyanka Chopra. And again really all I wanted to see was the Bride, her dress and accessories. But to my surprise I was blown away by every little inch of the wedding event.

Due to Priyanka’s nationality their wedding could not just be the typical “western wedding”. No way was there only going to be a 15 ceremony and 5 hour reception.

No! Not for this dynamic couple!

The typical couple in the United States has one day to stress over and plan. Nick and Priyanka’s wedding  lasted 4 days! That is amazing!

Check Out The Full Wedding Schedule:

day 1 ~ November 30th


 The couple hosted a traditional pre-wedding celebration called a Sangeet. This is a celebration a very festive affair filled with dance and music. Guests were expected to rock festive resort wear.

day 2 ~ December 1st

The Western Ceremony





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