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Posted by Sell My Dress on 19 Jul, 2017
Would your Squad rent their bridesmaid dress?
Everyone knows that being a Bridesmaid is an honor so why is it that the Bridesmaid dresses are always so Blah! There are hundreds of thousands of bridesmaid dresses to choose from and most of them are plain and boring, not fashion forward or anything you would want to wear again. So why do Brides choose these ugly bridesmaid dresses? Well back in the day, people used to speculate that it was because no Bride wanted her Bridal party to look better than her. Huh? Sounds kind of selfish and self centered doesn’t it? Well Chantilly & Lace is excited that this trend is changing.
Bridesmaid Dresses starting at $69.00 ~ Wear and Return, what could be better?
Brides now are shopping for fashion forward bridesmaid dresses that will showcase the beauty of their bridesmaids. And everyone is super excited that now stylish and trendy bridesmaid dresses are now available. Many designers have created stunning bridesmaid dresses in a matte sequin so it shows your personality and flare for fashion. Check out the gorgeous (and first on the market) matte sequin bridesmaid dresses by Sorrella Vita. Sorella Vita bridesmaid dresses are available at local bridal retailers for purchase.
If you don’t want to waste money on a bridesmaid dress that your squad won’t like and never wear again, why not let them Rent their Bridesmaid Dresses? There are a few options now that provide this opportunity. Check out the new VowtobeChic company that has partnered with many designers to offer affordable bridesmaid dresses for you to Rent. Yes, that is right! You don’t have to keep it and many styles are under $100.00. Of course, renting from VowtobeChic is not for everyone, sizes only range from 0-18, only a few designers to choose from and you cannot alter it to fit perfectly.
Another option is renting your bridesmaid dress through Union Station. Similar to VowtobeChic if you choose the rental option they will send you two dresses to try on for size, two weeks before the wedding. Wear the one that fits best and return them both. Easy as Pie! Bridesmaid rental prices start around $50.00 on so you aren’t out a lot of money for a dress you hate.
Mix and match styles and color hues to find the perfect collaboration for your beautiful bridal party.

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