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After spending 12 years managing bridal boutiques I know the trials and troubles we all experience in getting rid of wedding dress inventory that has been discontinued , not a popular seller or just need to make room for the new inventory. Our Bridal Stylist would love to hold onto every single dress but let’s face it, that just isn’t realistic. None of us have the room for that or the pocket book to do so. We have to find a place to reach more Brides looking for wedding dresses. Sell My Dress knows the perfect Bride is out there and we want to help you find her.

Sell My Dress was founded by bridal industry professionals that have an extreme passion for Brides and weddings. Creating an online arena for Brides to sell their pre-owned wedding dress was important to us but even more important was to create an easy place for bridal boutiques to sell their well cared for bridal gown samples. We sympathize with you because we know firsthand how hard it is to sell wedding dress samples at our local boutiques.  Our listing fees are low for our Bridal Boutiques. Email us now ( for your Coupon Code to start selling your dresses today! (Sell 5 dresses for only $25). We have tried numerous ideas to sell our boutique samples with some success but they just don’t move fast enough.

If you are a Bridal Boutique searching for a way to sell your wedding dress samples, search no more! Sell My Dress is the place for you. Our goal is to help you move bridal gown inventory and gain cash! And we are keeping our listing fees for Bridal Salons super low! For only $5 per dress (minimum of 5 dresses) you can start unloading your bridal gown inventory. Free up your floor space for the newest wedding dresses and add money to your bank account, you can’t lose! We have spent thousands creating an online marketplace for Brides and Boutiques to sell their gently used wedding dresses. Having experience in the local bridal boutique market means we know the importance of a great online presence. Let’s face it, Brides are really finding our Boutiques through online searches….have you seen a phone book lately? No, they just google bridal shops on their phone so we as retailers need to visible online. Sell My Dress knows this first hand and therefore we partnered with the most experienced, knowledgeable and really expert SEO and web designers.

If you want to make some money on your gently used samples this is easy peasy! Simply email us, we will create your account for you and get you started. Get your wedding dress samples visible online today and watch the money come in! Brides pay $19.99 to list their gown for a year, you only pay $8.50 per dress and as a bonus if you want to sell multiple gowns….there is an additional discount $5 per dress (with a minimum of 5 gowns listed).

We are ready to help you become more profitable, move your inventory and make Brides dreams come true!

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