Reduce Your Wedding's Impact On The Environment
Posted by Sell My Dress on 15 Mar, 2019

Have you ever wondered if your wedding (or the millions of other weddings each year) has an impact on our environment? We were curious too…


We uncovered a lot of information on just how much of an impact weddings have on our environment and came across some ideas that we all can incorporate to help sustain our earth.


Check out these startling numbers. (based on weddings in the United States only)


1. The average price spent on a wedding gown is $1,281.
2. The typical guest list is approximately 165 people
3. Saturday and Sunday are the most popular days to tie-the-knot (didn’t surprise you with that one I am sure). But I bet you never realized that equates to an average of 44,230 weddings each weekend.
4. On average 2.4 million weddings happen in the USA each year – that’s 4.8 million people saying “I Do!” each year.
5. Couples spend an average of $29, 858 on their weddings.
6. A total of $72 billion is spent on weddings in the United States each year.
7. Honeymoons are a $12 billion dollar a year industry. Yes! Billion!
8. 24 % of our annual weddings are “destination weddings” which equates to $16 billion dollars



Are you shocked by these numbers?

Share your comments with us below.


As our society becomes more in tune with our environment everyone wants to know how they can help protect it. Planning a wedding is a huge deal and requires tons of flowers, decorations, invitations, dresses, program cards, table cards etc etc etc. All of these things have an impact on our environment.





Ways To Plan An Eco-Friendly Wedding.



Use Locally Sourced Food

Design your menu based on locally sourced food options – every region has locally grown products that they specialize in. Meet with some of your local farmers to learn what will be in season at the time of your wedding. Then work together with your local caterer to design your wedding menu around these items. Doing this not only stimulates the local economy but also reduces the emissions into the air because it cuts down on the transport distance. Oh yeah! Almost forgot one major bonus…your out of town guests will LOVE sampling the local cuisine.


Go Paperless

Choose electronic distribution options rather that the traditional save-the-dates and wedding invitations. Send out e-save the dates, e-invitations & e-thank you cards instead of printing and mailing the traditional expensive options. Saving paper means that you are saving trees. Everyone knows that trees and other plant life are necessary to produce oxygen, improve air quality, climate amelioration, conservation of water and supporting wildlife. And as a bonus, since you aren’t snail mailing them you can save yourself some GREEN (money that is) by not having to purchase stamps.


Buy A Pre-Owned Wedding Dress

Purchase a used wedding dress – a wedding dress is the single most important piece of clothing a woman will ever purchase. But the sad thing is that you will only wear it on one day, and honestly for only about 5 hours. So why not buy a used wedding dress? Reuse is one of the biggest ways that you can reduce waste and ultimately make a positive impact on our environment. So shop online and find the perfect wedding dress; buy it from another bride, save some money because you won’t be paying retail prices and save the planet at the same time.


Recycle At Your Wedding

Reducing your impact on the planet goes hand in hand with recycling. We recommend that you have plenty of recycle and compost bins on-site to divert waste. Encourage your guests to join you in protecting our environment.


Sell Wedding Dress

Just as important as buying a used wedding dress to reduce the impact wedding dress production has on our environment it is equally important to sell your wedding dress after your wedding. It is easy to do.

Sell your wedding dress now!




Share your ideas below in the comments on other ways to make your wedding more eco-friendly. If we all do our part in lowering our impact on our environment we will see a huge difference. Tweet It, Instagram It, Facebook It…promote, promote, promote! Our planet needs us!

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