Tips To Sell Your Wedding Dress Online
Posted by spotcodes on 20 Apr, 2019

How To Sell Your Wedding Dress For Cash!

It’s no secret that brides all over the world have an intense love story with their wedding dress. It is the one single garment of clothing that you will cherish forever and it’s no surprise that you are mesmerized by your wedding dress. After all, you looked like a princess –just out of a fairy tale in your designer wedding gown. But, now what?


While your wedding gown serves to be a precious possession throughout your lifetime, you don’t have to keep it for eternity. Gone are the days that every bride saves her used wedding dress forever under the bed in a preservation box or just hanging in the closet. In today’s society brides everywhere are finding new and inventive ways to give their wedding dress life after the wedding and you can too!


Sell My Wedding Dress

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One way is to sell designer wedding dress online. You can put your used wedding dress for sale online and recoup some cash after the wedding. And what better way to breathe new life into your used wedding dress but by seeing her take another trip down the aisle.

Millennial Wedding Trends

If your goal is to “sell my wedding dress online,” here are some ways to optimize your listing and get maximum buyers for your lovely wedding gown:

•  Price the Dress Right: When it comes to selling your preowned wedding gown online, price plays a vital role in determining its sale. The more attractive the price is for your designer wedding dress, the more inquiries you can expect to receive. If some weeks go by, and you have not received any interest and private messages from potential buyers, you can consider reducing the quoted price for your dress.

Millennial Wedding Trends

•  Make Use of Amazing Pictures: The pictures of the wedding dress that you will put on the online portal will play a vital role in determining the response from potential buyers. Therefore, we recommend that you put up great pictures of your preowned wedding gown that you wish to sell.

In an ideal case, your online listing will contain the image of the wedding dress from different angles specifying its unique features throughout. Make sure that you choose pictures that showcase the details of your beautiful wedding dress, make brides fall in love with her and want to wear her on their wedding day.

Doing this will drive maximum sales.


How To Sell My Wedding Dress Online

Best place To Sell Wedding Dress.


•  Provide Detailed Information: The more information you provide, the better. Therefore, you must aim at including the basic, as well as detailed information about the dress like its fabric, length, dimensions, alterations (if any), and if the dress was preserved or cleaned. Assume the fact that the buyer does not know anything about the dress unless you provide the relevant dress information.

Millennial Wedding Trends

•  Sell Your Wedding Dress On Reputable Websites: There are several websites that allow you to sell your used wedding dress online. You can choose to list your wedding dress on multiple websites or just one.

But to maximize exposure to thousands of brides we suggest that you pay for a few listings including one on This online marketplace offers free social media marketing for your used wedding dress as well as an advanced SEO package. These two factors set this website apart from the others in that they actively promote your wedding dress to the buying public. Not to mention they offer the lowest listing fee if your goal is to “sell my wedding dress” this is a great place to start.

Millennial Wedding Trends

Your wedding dress deserves more than one trip down the aisle. Find another bride for her today by selling your preowned wedding dress online today!

sell my wedding dress

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