Top 5 Food & Wedding Reception Trends 2019
Posted by Sell My Dress on 20 Mar, 2019

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Top Wedding Food And Reception Trends For 2019


Interactive Food Stations With Delectable Yummies 


In 2019 we are seeing more couples searching for wedding food options that are not the dull and mundane buffet or passed dinner. I guess it’s about time because every wedding I have ever been to the entire “process” of the wedding activities seemed boring and left me wanting more. So it is no surprise that our millennial generation are finding ways to make weddings more interactive and “experience” based than ever before. And I for one couldn’t be more excited. 

If you are reading this you have probably attended a wedding or twenty. Do you agree that weddings typically feel awkward in how they transition from one part to the next? Think about it! Everyone arrives really excited for the ceremony, completely enjoys it and are overjoyed for the newlyweds. But then, you are ushered to another area of the venue (or to a completely different venue) for the cocktail reception.


Great! Who doesn’t love a nice cocktail at a party?


Well the sad thing is that most wedding cocktail hours are boring, awkward and frustrating. At least they are to me. You have to stand in line forever to get a drink because there is only one bar for 150 guests, stand in close proximity to tons of people you don’t know, music is generally light and slow #moodkiller, and food is passed around on trays. Talk about a buzz killer! My energy was high at the end of the ceremony, ready to celebrate with the couple and boom! now I am feeling out of place, unsure of what is next and ready to move on to the next structured part of the wedding.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to be Debbie Downer…I LOVE weddings! But I am excited to see this new trend in weddings emerge.


Introducing Interactive Weddings


The 2019 weddings are taking on a different persona, one that is more engaging and celebrates the act of creating experiences and memories. We all know that today’s society need to constantly be on the move and entertained. Couples have realized that some traditional wedding routines are not entertaining enough for today’s guests.

For this reason we are seeing more couples incorporate interactive activities in their wedding day.


D.I.Y food stations are top on our list.


The cool thing about food stations versus the buffet or passed dinner at your wedding is you set them up around your reception venue in a variety of areas so there are no long lines for your guests to stand in, getting frustrated. The individual food stations disperse your guests to areas around your venue and keep them entertained and moving. It also generates social interaction or mingling because it is an unexpected yet cool idea to have these unique food bars at your wedding. It inspires your guests to interact reducing the awkwardness and boredom.


Your guests will absolutely love the interactive, D.I.Y dinner.



Guacamole Bar Wedding Station


How do you go about planning a wedding reception that includes food stations instead of the boring served meal or buffet?

“Experiences” are everything with millennial brides. Partner with your local caterer or chef and they will help you design the most remarkable meal for your wedding guests. Think outside the box when choosing the food stations for your wedding. You can incorporate your favorite foods and desserts or even hire a food truck.

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Wedding Food Stations - Taco Bar Yeah!!

Taco Bar – Photo Credit: Brit & Co.


Potato bar DIY food station

Treat Your Guests To A Potato Bar At Your Wedding.


Chips & Salsa Bar

Chips & Salsa Bar



Need a little inspiration for food stations at your wedding?


How about a pasta station, guacamole station (everyone is obsessed with guac right now), popcorn bars, s’more bars, carving stations, pretzel bars, potatoe bar, guacamole toast bar, mac & cheese bar (yes, please!), chips & salsa bar, coffee & tea bars, charcuterie stations or my personal favorite taco bar.


Mac & Cheese Bar - Wedding Food Stations

Hmmm. DIY Mac & Cheese Bar. Let your guests create a mac and cheese masterpiece.


Meat Food Stations

Bring On The MEAT! Charcuterie Food Stations are great for weddings


Will you dump the conventional wedding buffet and served meals for individual food stations?


We want to know!


Share your comments below. 


Balloon Installations


The wonderful thing about weddings is each year they evolve, bringing new trends, designs and color palettes to life.

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This year we are seeing an emergence of balloons in wedding decor. It seems that balloons are not just for birthday parties and kids anymore. Balloons can really dress up any part of your wedding. Use them to create or decorate a selfie wall, adorn the ceiling at your indoor reception or float freely in the air at an outside setting, as your altar backdrop, cute photo ops or even to add a little color above the seating as you walk down the aisle. Sky is the limit with balloons and of Pinterest is a great place for inspiration.


Check out our Pinterest board with more wedding balloon installation ideas.




Velvet Decor & Fashion Trending In 2019


Couples are continually searching for something to make their wedding more personalized and unique. In 2019 we are seeing velvet accents being added throughout the wedding details, providing a little extra special pizzazz.

Velvet has a magic yet somewhat forgotten about allure. Everyone knows velvet was popular in every day fashion back in the 70’s so why is velvet making a come back?

It’s easy! Millennials want to be unique. They want their weddings to have depth, different levels of textures, be visually appealing and #Instaworthy elements. It truly is masterful what they are envisioning and creating. Only free-spirited minds with a sense of adventure and uniqueness can envision beauty from combining so many different textures together to create beautiful masterpieces.

Velvet decor in 2019 weddings adds a sense of luxury. A soft and romantic fabric that creates a welcome feeling and sense of adventure. Click To Tweet


We totally applaud our modern day brides and grooms for your uniqueness and evolving weddings into magical experiences. No more is it just about the brides dress! Mesmerize your guests with an explosion of decor and memories that will be forever cherished.


Green Velvet Tuxedo

Grooms Velvet Tux | Photo Credit: S6 Photography


Velvet Wedding Table

2019 Velvet Wedding Trends | Photo Credit: Tec Petaja Photography


2019 Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses 2019



Grazing Stations For Your Wedding


This may seem like an odd name for something at your wedding however it is extremely an incredible thought. Keeping with the subject of making your wedding interactive and full of engaging activities couples are designing snacking stations. These are very charming themed tables that offer wedding visitors snacks like bruschetta bars, diverse cheddar and saltines, breads, natural products, nuts, meats and obviously chocolates. These eating stations are an extraordinary method to keep your visitors active, entertained, mingling and making new friends.


Wedding Grazing Stations

Yummy Chocolate Bar.


Bread & Cheese Grazing Station

Bread and Cheese Grazing Stations For Your Wedding


Bruschetta Grazing Station

Wow Your Guests With This Beautiful Bruschetta Station At Your Wedding.



Grass Is In, Greenery On It’s Way Out?


Well we aren’t generally going to disclose to you that greenery is gone from wedding in 2019 however we are seeing a move in flower structures for weddings this year. The most current pattern assuming control over wedding gatherings is the utilization of Pampas grass. In the event that you aren’t acquainted with Pampas grass it is a delightful padded, wheat-hued grass that includes a brilliant bit of sentiment and eccentricity to your 2019 wedding. Pampas grass is delicate and simple to utilize and extraordinary for making immense raised area curves, brightening your wedding passageway, adding a dash of eccentricity to your wedding tables or a delicate touch to your wedding bunches.

Wedding greenery will in any case be predominant all through most weddings and exceptional occasions however at this point we are seeing an expansion in the interest for natural components that add a pinch of show to the occasion. Objective obviously is to have #Instaworthy Photographs that circulate around the web!

Ladies and wedding organizers wherever are utilizing Pampas grass to line wedding passageways, as focal points and increases to flower bundles.


Coral Hues


In the event that you have been pondering what the most blazing shading for weddings in 2019 will be here it is! Coral is the shading we are hoping to find in weddings this year. It is an excellent radiant, warm and brilliant pinkish-orange shade that imparts cheer and satisfaction in everybody. Coral can be added to your wedding in your florals, bridesmaid dresses, cakes, ties, socks and that’s just the beginning.

Arranging your 2019 wedding is energizing and we need to hear about it. Offer your thoughts and motivation for your 2019 wedding with us.


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